Patricia Martain, resident of Cumbernauld, and Kenneth McCanon, resident of Cumbernauld, dance to the music of the saxaphone during the Cumbernauld's Valentine's party on Feb 14. Cumbernauld Retirement House is located of the Southwestern College campus and this was the fifth year that the softball team hosted the party in celebration of Valentine's Day.

By Katie Vorderstrasse
Dalton Carver
Staff reporters

Love continues throughout the ages. For the past five years, the softball team has been participating in a variety of community service events at Cumbernauld Retirement Home, including this year’s Valentine’s Day party. The occasion was to entertain the residents, and included food, music and decorations.

The retirement home is located a couple of miles from the campus, making it an easy location for the softball team to put in volunteer time. “Many of the residence are Southwestern Alumni,” said Amber Good, head softball coach.

Elder residents gathered for Valentine’s Day in the Edinburg Room, enjoying each other’s company. A long table was set up filled with cookies and cake served by the softball players. Good said, “The residents really enjoy it, and many have been married for years.”

Every year there is some sort of entertainment. This year, Glen Driskell, a resident of Cherryville, played the saxophone for the residents while they enjoyed their refreshments. Residents surrounded the stage to enjoy and dance to the music. “I love the rhythm of the music,” said Patricia Martain, resident of Cumbernauld.

Martain really enjoyed the music and dancing, not hesitating to ask others to join her, and wanted her fellow residents to enjoy the holiday just as much as she does. “It doesn’t hurt anyone showing more love,” she said.

Despite losing his wife the previous week, Kenneth McCanon, resident of Cumbernauld, still made it a point to partake in the holiday of love. He could be found dancing along with Martain, despite losing his hearing and being unable to fully understand the music. McCanon worked as many of the residence employees’ dentist back in the day, adding to the feelings of love and familiarity.
About 20 to 60 residents participate in each event. Good said, “They just file in after their naps.”

The softball players find community service self rewarding when helping with these events. “My favorite part is getting to see all the smiles on the old folks faces,” said Kaylee Hicks, biochemistry senior. The team plans to do more events in the future.

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