Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

The softball team lost the doubleheader to Mid-America Christian University by 0-1 and 0-9.

In the first inning of the first game, MACU’s Cailey Parsells, sophomore outfielder, walked and got as far as third base, but MACU couldn’t bring her home. The Builder’s offense struggled similarly as they could not get anyone on base.

In the second inning, MACU’s Adrienne Phillips, junior pitcher and first baseman, hit a double but was out on an interference call. Southwestern finally gets their first hit as Loren Wright, junior infielder, hits a single.

In the third inning, both teams could not put a single runner on base.

In the fourth inning, MACU had one hit with one walk, but both were left on base. The Builders only had one hit from Cady Norton, senior infielder.

In the fifth inning, both teams did not put a single runner on base.

In the sixth inning, MACU scored the game-winning run.

In the seventh inning, MACU left someone on third after great defense from the Builder. Lyons hit a double, but it is not enough as MACU won the game 1-0.

Reagan Martin, senior pitcher and third baseman, allowed three hits and had five strikeouts. Hannah Foltz, senior pitcher, played in the last two innings and allowed one run to score with one error.

In the first inning of the second game, MACU’s offense came alive and scored two runs and brought two people to bases. MacKenzie Lyons, senior pitcher, would get on base due to an error from MACU, but it would be the only time this inning the Builders reach base.

In the second inning, MACU had five hits and five runs while being walked twice with an error from the Builders. The Evangels left three runners on base, though swapping pitchers helped stop MACU from scoring more runs. Only one person reached base for the Builders in this inning as Cassidy Schubert, senior outfielder, walked.

In the third inning, MACU scored two runs off a double from Olivia Roberts, sophomore first baseman and pitcher, but was left on second. Alexis Gouyton, senior infielder, hit a single to the right as the only hit for the Builders.

In the fourth inning, MACU had a chance to bring in another run, but the Builders’ defense left their runner on third base. Unfortunately, SC’s bats did not come alive this inning.

In the fifth, neither team got a hit or anyone on base as MACU claims the 9-0 win.

Amber Good, head coach, said, “Defensively, we played really well. Mid-America is a team that puts a lot of pressure as far as how fast they are running the bases and laying the ball down and stuff like that. We handled that really well today.”

Lyons said, “Defensively played well made the key plays. We need to focus on stringing hits together and getting solid contact so that we can produce runs. (The) energy was good throughout both games (and) we communicated good as well.”

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Game 1
Game 2