By Hanna House
Staff reporter

What you post online does not only reflect you, but it also reflects back to your activity and school. As for student athletes, what should they post to these sites, for all to see? What should remain private?

“You have to be responsible with what you post,” said Brandon Priest, computer science junior and defensive back for the football team. “If it is even questionable, I wouldn’t post it.”

As David Denly, director of athletics, said, once you put it there, it is there. A lot of times people forget this. A good rule to remember is to think about who will see it.

“If you don’t want your grandma to see it, you probably shouldn’t post it,” said Denly.

There is no written policy here at Southwestern saying you can or can’t post anything. According to Denly, this is a hot topic at various school meetings. It would be pretty difficult for them to tell students what they can and cannot say without taking away student’s freedom of speech.

Although there is no written statement saying what the players can and cannot say, Denly tries to inform his players what is okay to post.

“We encourage and try to educate our team on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate,” said Denly, “It is about representing yourself, representing your school, and your team,”

Eden Denney, assistant volleyball coach, has gone from being a participant on a team to being part of a coaching staff. In her opinion, athletes should not post anything that is going to hurt one of your fellow teammates.

“Nothing about your school, nothing negative. If it is going to be about your team, it should be something positive,” said Denny.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact her at