By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Social media is helping people out with one more aspect of their lives, the dating scene. It is an easy and effective way to flirt and let their interest in a person show anytime the mood hits.

The most frequently used apps to flirt with are Instagram and Twitter, with Facebook following in a close second.

Most college-age people already use multiple forms of social media in their day-to-day lives. Now many of them are using their apps to help them flirt.

Instagram is the app of choice for many people because it gives them a visual to comment on. It is easier to comment and begin to flirt around a picture than it is a text.

Twitter is the next one people choose to go to when they want to flirt. It’s used a bit differently than Instagram.

On Twitter people will often Tweet something relevant to another follower. This is so the tweeter can let the follower know that they want to specifically talk to them. The follower will usually respond in a quick amount of time publicly.

After there have been a few public exchanges of tweets the conversation moves to private direct messages between the two people.

Facebook comes in as the last social media most commonly used to flirt. While it isn’t used as often as the other two it does offer the most variety in how people can start flirting with one another.

Users can comment on photos, videos, photo albums, status, and shared posts. All of these are easy gateways to flirting because they give either a visual or they give a situation that people can easily relate to.

In both cases people find it easy to flirt with someone online if they have something visual or written that they can relate to.

What all of these platforms have in common is they allow people to flirt on their own time whenever they have time.

People are no longer stuck in a set time frame to respond to or start flirting with other people. They have the freedom and the choice to do it however they want, whenever they want, with whatever platform works for them.

Maggie Dunning is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at