By Lacie Holbert
Staff reporter

All eight games in September were to prepare for Saturday. The men and women’s soccer teams will host Bethany College Oct. 3. The men’s team opens conference with a 1-6-1 record facing Bethany who stands with a 4-4 record. The Lady Builders enter the game with a 3-4-1 record going head to head with the Lady Swedes who have a record of 5-3-1. In the preseason poll Bethany was picked 10 and SC 9 for the men’s team. As for the women’s team, Bethany is picked 5 and SC 6.

Ruben Sanchez, head men’s soccer coach, said, “We need to rest this week and prepare for Bethany. This is the real deal and we need to start on a good note.”

Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, said, “We are ready for conference and it’s time for it to start. I am very excited because we have not shown other teams our full potential yet. I think once we perform well, we can build on it and will help us to continue to be successful throughout conference.”

The men’s team lost to Southwestern Assembly of God University 3-1 Sept. 26. Stefan Carter, freshmen mid fielder, scored in the second half. Carter said, “We should have won. Injuries affected us big time this game. Our two starting defenders were out and we did not have many subs. We came out the first half not playing well and picked it up the second half but unfortunately did not play well enough to pull out a win.”

Sanchez said, “As a team we did not come out to play. We are tired and beat up at the moment. We had two games back to back and are struggling with injuries. It’s tough right now on the team with all the injuries and not having many subs. We did not prepare enough for this game and I think this week the team needs to rest and focus on Bethany.”

The Lady Builders won against Southwestern Assembly of God University 2-0 Sept. 26.  Morgan Constantine, sophomore forward, scored the first goal and Nicole Mound, freshmen mid fielder, scored the final goal for the Lady Builders.

Mound said, “I think we played very well as team. Everyone is really working together and the chemistry is getting better. I feel pretty confident going into conference. Our goal is to be in the top four in conference and if we play our best we can easily achieve it.”

The Builders lost to Rogers State University 9-0 Sept. 25.  Carter said “As a team we did not play well. They were fast and had good passing skills. One of our starting defenders got hurt the first half and we did not have many subs which affected the outcome of the game. Without a lot of subs we got tired and just did not play up to our level.”

The women’s team lost to the Lady Hillcats 3-0 Sept. 25. Mound said, “I think the first half we played well and played to their level. The second half I think we let our guard down to much which unfortunately was to their advantage.”

The men’s team lost to St. Gregory’s University 2-0 Sept. 22. Trevor Yingling, freshman mid fielder, said, “Even though we lost, as a team we played pretty well. We are finally showing how well we can play together. The team is growing stronger with each other on and off the field which is definitely a good thing.”

The Lady Builders lost to the Lady Cavaliers 5-1 Sept. 22. Melanie Marsh, freshman defender, scored the goal and Kerry Sonnenburg, senior mid fielder, made the assist. Marsh said, “I think we played well against St. Gregory’s. We went out there and played hard. I think we got unlucky which is unfortunate.”

Wood said, “This was one of those games as a coach I got excited. I got to see how the team worked the field. We have moments where we possess the ball really well, but did not constantly do it the entire game. As a team we need to get ourselves more organized and situated to do it all the time. We made our opponent play on our level, but unfortunately, the score did not reflect that.”

The women will start play at 2 p.m. and the men’s team will follow at 4 p.m.

Lacie Holbert is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at .