Bailey VenJohn
Online Editor


Dr. Stephen Long, Professor in Ethics, spoke at the Smith-Wilson Lecture. The event was hosted by Dr. Goodson and Dr. Lashier, both former students of Long. (Bailey VenJohn/Staff reporter)

The Smith-Wilson Lecture was hosted yesterday afternoon in Wroten Hall. Dr. Stephen Long was the invited speaker. Long is a Professor in Ethics at Southern Methodist University.

His lecture was titled, ““Let’s Get Speculative: The Importance of the Doctrine of God for Everyday Life.” Long has a Ph.D. in theological ethics which he earned at Duke University.

He has written multiple books including: “Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction,” “Divine Economy: Theology and the Market,” “The Goodness of God,” “John Wesley’s Moral Theology,” “Living the Discipline: United Methodist Theological Reflections on War,” “Civilization, and Holiness,” “Speaking of God,” and “Tragedy, Tradition, Transformism: The Ethics of Paul Ramsey.”

Long was brought to speak at Southwestern by Dr. Goodson and Dr. Lashier. Both Goodson and Lashier were students of Dr. Long during their PhD studies. Long taught Goodson in his time at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Lashier later at Marquette University.

Pictured above: Around 40 students, faculty, and community members attended the lecture Monday afternoon. Dr. Stephen Long spoke on God in day to day life. (Bailey VenJohn/Staff photographer)

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