ABOVE: Tabatha Rosproy, alumna, presents at Emporia State University. As Kansas Teacher of the Year, Rosproy travels across the state and country, presenting to other educators. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: Tabatha Rosproy, alumna, smiles with a "grandma" at the Cumbernauld Little Vikes playground. The classroom is intergenerational, providing students with multiple contact opportunities each day with residents of Cumbernauld Village. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: Tabatha Rosproy, alumna, sits with her Cumbernauld Little Vikes preschool class. The program began in 2018. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: A student at Cumbernauld Little Vikes, an intergenerational preschool class, leans on a "grandpa," the nickname for Cumbernauld Village residents who volunteer in the classroom. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: Tabatha Rosproy, alumna, teaches her students about Bluegrass music during Winfield's annual Walnut Valley Festival. Already named Kansas Teacher of the Year, Rosproy is one of four National Teacher of the Year finalists. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: A "grandma" at Cumbernauld Village smiles with a few of Rosproy's students. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: Tabatha Rosproy, alumna, leads her intergenerational classroom, the Cumbernauld Little Vikes. Rosproy graduated from Southwestern in 2009 with a degree in early childhood unified. (Contributed photo)ABOVE: A "grandpa" volunteer at Cumbernauld Village interacts with students in the Cumbernauld Little Vikes intergenerational preschool. (Contributed photo)