Margarita Jimenez, senior defender, throws ball in to teammate Hailey Rouse, sophomore midfielder. Rouse communicates with Jimenez to indicate she is open for the pass. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Morgan Mitchell, junior midfielder, and Ashley Soderlund, sophomore goal keeper, wait to enter the game. Soderlund cheeses as she is ready to play. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)As pictured left to right: Emily Sutton, senior goal keeper, Kaylee Swanson, senior defender, Katie Noell, senior defender, Sierra Salsman, senior defender, Madelyn Banda, junior defender, Lauren Fleischer, sophomore forward, Rachel Sanders, junior defender, Sabrina Arzate, senior forward, Jakayla Anthony, senior forward, Margarita Jimenez, senior defender, and Lillian Grisso, freshman midfielder. The starting lineup for the mound builders consists of a majority of seniors to celebrate senior night, including Swanson even though she is out for the season with an injury. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)- Paige Roberts, junior forward, drives the ball towards teammates in hopes of scoring against the Bluejays. Not without a good fight, the Moundbuilders fall to the Tabor Bluejays in a final of 2-0. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer) .Paige Roberts, junior forward, and McKinley Lee, freshman midfielder, wait to get subbed into the game. The pair also scopes out the competition from the Bluejays. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Hailey Rouse, sophomore midfielder, defends the ball against a pack of Bluejays. Morgan Mitchell, junior midfielder, watches as Rouse heads up field. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Madelyn Banda, junior defender, kicks the ball inbounds to teammates in hopes of scoring against the Bluejays. Banda’s teammates wait to see where the pass lands. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Katie Noell, senior defender, drives the ball up field. Margarita Jimenez, senior defender, races up field to block the Bluejays for Noell to get a good pass into other teammates to look for a goal. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Sierra Salsman, senior defender, goes to pass the ball to a teammate up field against Tabor. The Bluejays look to swarm Salsman, but she manages to get the ball to a teammate. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Lillian Grisso, freshman midfielder, guards a Tabor Bluejay in pursuit of the ball. Grisso looks for an opportunity to steal the ball from her opponent. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)Margarita Jimenez, senior defender, receives a pass from teammate Sierra Salsman, senior defender. Jimenez drives towards the Tabor Bluejays goal. (Lex Gouyton/ Staff photographer)