Samuel Beck, business administration senior, and Allison Moon, Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech, fondly embrace at the Moundbuilding Ceremony whilst holding their 9Lives rock. "This is just a truly magical evening. Everyone is out here wearing their best," said Beck. You can catch Beck as a part of 9 Lives Improv group at their first performance on Oct. 10th at 9 p.m. in the Darbeth Fine Arts Center. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff Photographer)Cameron Goodrich, biology sophomore, smiles enthusiastically for a photo near his rock. Here's what Goodrich had to say about the event. "I'm excited to see everyone here and kick off the year! Glad to see everyone getting hype to be a part of the Moundbuilder family." (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff Photographer)Essence Ratzlaff, elementary education senior, Taryn Walter, elementary education junior and Emerald Ashlock, business administration sophomore lob their rock onto the mound before them. "The Moundbuilding ceremony has been the best yet from my three years at SC. I always enjoy it, but Dawn's speech this year and the involvement was beyond my expectations. The whole school and community came together  for this tradition that unites us," Walter said.  These three women are a part of the Cheer and Dance team and have been seen performing at various sporting events on campus. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff Photographer)Terri Anderson, Assistant Track and Field Coach, excitedly cheers during the ceremony. When asked what she thought about the ceremony, Anderson said, "I think it's a good tradition that needs to be honored by all organizations on campus. It's a great way to invite new students on campus." This is Anderson's second year as a part of the college and track and field team. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff Photographer)Claren McCormick, athletic training senior, is cheering proudly with womens basketball after the conclusion of a rousing speech. "The Moundbuilding Ceremony is one of my favorite SC traditions. It’s the first time everyone gets together to show their Builder Pride and signifies us coming together as a family to start off the year," McCormick said. The first game for womens basketball will be on Oct. 24 vs Central Christian. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff Photographer)