Jeremy Sanchez, senior defender, gains possession as Tabor attacks for ball. Sanchez passed the ball to a teammate. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Mamadou Diarra, freshman forward, fights off Bluejay for possession. Diarra finished with an assist and two goals within the last 15 minutes of competition. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Caleb Caskey, senior defender, kicks ball as Tabor Bluejay tries to reject. Caskey came up big for the Builder defensive, as they only allowed three shots on goal from the Bluejays. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Gamilia Gomez, junior defender, keeps his balance as a bluejay attacks for the ball. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Caleb Caskey, senior defender, and Kobina Coker, junior defender, faces off with Tabor opponents. Both men collaborated to help keep offensive possession for the Bluejays at a minimal for the majority of the game. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Fabio Schneider, junior mid-fielder, positions himself against Bluejays. Schneider had a successful night clinching two goals against the Tabor offensive.  (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Jeremy Sanchez, senior defender, dribbles between two bluejays defenders before passing to fellow teammate. Sanchez ended the night with an assist to Fabio Schneider, junior midfielder. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)Malvin Mupondi, freshman winger, is alone as he charges for a shot. Mupondi ended with a late game assist to Eduardo Gonzalez, sophomore forward. (Daegiona Wilson/ Staff photographer)