One of the side storage areas floods, causing water damage. The water pooled in lower areas of the theatre, including a room with various audio equipment. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A fan helps with the water removal process. The floor was installed around five to six years ago according to Jacob Reynolds, technical theatre junior, and will most likely need to be replaced in the coming months for fear of mold. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The backstage of Little Theatre floods down to the lower rooms. The pipe had burst around 6 p.m. and was leaking through a trapdoor in the RPAC stage. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Sudexo staff and others sweep water that escapes the various receptacles across the floor in an attempt to help it evaporate. A pipe in the upstairs loading dock had burst, causing the flooding and the fire alarms to go off. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The water begins to spread through carpet up into the hallway of the Christy Administration building. To prevent further spread, sandbags were placed in the hall. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The trashcans and other receptacles in Little Theatre were filling up quick. Sudexo staff worked to prevent as much water as they could from reaching the floor. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)