Tsena Morris, track sophomore, winds up his arm to hit a player on the opposing team. The Track team made it to the championship game for the night. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Emily McElroy, basketball freshman, whips her ball across the court. There were half a dozen teams competing for the dodge ball championship title. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Cody Treatch, baseball junior, pitches a fast ball at a Campus Player opponent.  Despite their speedy throws, the baseball and softball team lost early in the tournament. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Campus Players smiles proudly after their first game of the tournament. Their first win was against softball, knocking them out of the bracket and causing the biggest upset of the night. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A blinded builder bombs an attack against the track team. A couple of basketball men and volleyball women teamed up to enter the tournament. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Adrien Jones, track junior, and Abi Kerr, track freshman fend off against the combined volleyball and basketball team. These two were the remaining members of the track team at the end of the tournament. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Confusion fills the court as contradicting calls are made by the refs at the championship game. It was three track members against two members on the basketball and volleyball team. As the clock ran out, one referee called a member of the track team out while another said they were still in the game. They decided on a five minutes rematch against the two teams before moving on to the final elimination match. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The volleyball and basketball team charges forward, wanting to end the championship rematch against the track team. After the confusion was cleared, the track team lost back to back, ended the tournament. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The volleyball women and basketball men proudly pose as the champions of the tournament. After swiftly defeating track in the championship game, they cheered and celebrated on the court at the end of the night. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)