It doesn't matter what you do, just as long as you are moving for at least 30 minutes. Just like all these exercises, start slow with low reps and work your way up until your comfortable.Air squats are good for working your lower body and activating your leg muscles if you can't go out to walk. You can do wall squats if air squats gets too exhausting.Lunges are easy to do but, can give you quite a workout if done correctly. You start by standing up straight then stepping out with one leg until your back leg is bent parallel to the ground. Alternate legs between reps.Calf raises are pretty self explanatory. You stand still then lift your heels off the ground while your toes maintain contact with the floor and repeat until you finish all your reps. You can hold weight for more of a challenge.A reclining hold is just like a regular sit-up except you hold it in the halfway position. These can be swapped with regular sit ups, 15-30 reps, if you prefer.Birddogs is a great exercise for your arms, legs and core. You start on all fours and reach out opposite arm and leg as far as you can, holding for a few seconds, then switching to the other arm and leg.Pushups are a nightmare for many, however, incline pushups using a wall or bench make it easier while still giving you exercise. Pushups can also be done on your knees for comfort.Arm raises are simple but, can quickly tire out your arms if you are using too much weight. Start out with something lightweight and slowly work your way up with heavier items like a gallon jug or even a medicine ball.