Ablel Gebreselase, history sophomore, studies in the library. The library received upgrades including new study spaces. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Beech 207 features a whole new classroom space. The upgraded room includes a frosted glass door splitting the classroom, a modern patterned carpet and new tables with wheels. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)This is one of the many new Zoom Conference setups across campus. The library has gotten a large conference room that is used for Zoom meetings and math tutoring. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)John Le, marine biology senior, studies in the new Beech 207 space. Many students have reacted positively to the upgrade in Beech. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Two new 86 inch TVs and cameras await installment in Wroten and Mossman 108. Similar upgrades have been installed in Christy and Darbeth previously. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A Logitech camera on a tripod sits patiently for its next use. Due to COVID and other social distancing regulations, cameras were placed in various classrooms for remote learning through Zoom. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The new library upgrades features a space for career advancement. The Career Center was installed in the Deets Library, across from the Stir & Bustle coffee shop. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Beech 207 includes a new smart board for live annotating your computer screen and PowerPoint presentations. It has been used for a multitude of classes including science and communication oriented courses. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)