My walk began by getting away from my apartment. Even in a small city like Winfield, there is plenty wildlife to go explore. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A small path opens into a forest with a diverse collection of plants and animals. The birds chirped and sang overhead as they soared over the verdant forest. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A small clearing presents itself amidst a recuperating treeline. Dead brush and branches filled the forest despite spring having already sprung. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Streaks of clouds lazily drift overhead, failing to hinder the warmth of the sun. A gentle breeze drifted by me as I breathed in the fresh spring air. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Amidst a cracked path a four legged creature has left a trail. I was surprised at how close these creatures wander near our homes. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The vibrant green grass grows quickly on the hillside. A perfect hill for a picnic was so close to my apartment and I had no clue. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A feathered critter perches above. Many critters skittered about the treetops as the day went on. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A lush bank riverside sits between a collection of trees. A couple of small fish swam about the water, biding their day away. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A clear patch of sky presented itself in the forest. The path was more overgrown the further I walked into the forest. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A trio of snail shells sit, abandoned for the time being. There were dozens of similar shells scattered among the muddy path. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Spring is here in Winfield for all to enjoy. I wish I had looked out of my window sooner to see what I was missing inside my apartment. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A second path opens into another forest area, although a little too  overgrown. Had I left a little earlier, I may have explored that path as well. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)A local feline friend rests in their own potted bed. On the way back to my apartment, I spotted this little bud planted in their pot. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)