Donovan McMullen, senior catcher, matches his swing with the player at bat. McMullen scored 1 run and was credited with 5 putouts at his center position. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Austin Jentzsch, sophomore pitcher, whips the ball through the strikezone.  Jentzsch led the team with 94 total pitches. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Taite Saldana, junior outfielder, rips through his swing at the ball. Saldana scored two runs and one RBI in the first match up against Sterling. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The players in the dugout wait excitedly for their turn at bat. The Builders swiftly defeated Sterling 14-4 by the end of the first match of the doubleheader. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Sterling Spurling, sophomore infielder, takes a crack at the pitch. Spurling led the team with seven hits total by the end of the doubleheader. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Cody Carpenter, senior outfielder, discusses something with Josh Kiel, assistant coach. Carpenter walked to first base after the drop third strike rule took effect at the top of the fourth inning. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Jacob Woodburn, sophomore pitcher, retreats to third after attempting to sneak home. Southwestern defeated Sterling swiftly by stealing runs. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Angel Velez, junior catcher, leans back to avoid being pelted by the ball. Velez scored a home run. Velez had a total of 7 putouts in the first game against Sterling. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)