Darrell Sitton, athletic training senior, Nick Roark, athletic training junior, and Amanda Pinter, athletic training senior, help community members and students sign in to the health fair. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)
Kirsten Mueller, elementary education senior, gives blood for the first time. "I'm excited because now that I'm not in sports, I have the opportunity to try and help someone in a way that I haven't been able to before," said Mueller. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)
Nathan Morrison, assistant athletic trainer, gave blood because he has had family members who have depended on blood donations. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)
"I feel like there's a need because I've had family members that have needed it in the past," said Morrison.
Kaydee Riggs-Johnson, vice president for marketing and communications, overcomes her fear of needles to donate. "I guess I'm kind of a germaphobe and am moderately afraid of needles, but this is my second time giving blood and it's not that bad," said Riggs-Johnson. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)
Todd DeMint, staff accountant, donates blood at the Red Cross blood drive. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)