Juan Ramirez, sport management graduate and Brailey McMinn, elementary education graduate is pictured. Southwestern College’s class of 2020 commencement was held May 8, 2021. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Students of Southwestern College’s class of 2020 stand while flipping their tassel signifying being graduated. A live person commencement was held on May 8, 2021 to honor these graduates, as last year’s live commencement was postponed. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Dr. Bradley Andrews, president, and Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, lead professors and the class of 2020. Commencement was held in May 8, 11 a.m. at Jantz Stadium. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)David White smiles for the camera while on stage. He earned his degree back in 2020. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Jacob Rangel, sport management graduate, is pictured. Rangel is from Fort Worth, TX. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Curtis Rylant, business administration graduate, walks across the stage as he receives his diploma. Rylant is from Clearwater. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Abby Bertholf, biochemistry graduate, is honored as one of three valedictorians in the class of 2020. Bertholf is from Winfield. Other valedictorians include, Tessa Rylant, english graduate and Donovan McMullen, sport management graduate. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Dr. Jacob Goodson, associate professor of philosophy, gives the faculty address. The general theme was failure. Goodson spoke on embracing failure and finding a way to succeed when it happens. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)Darrell Sitton accepts his diploma from President Brad Andrews. He traveled back to Winfield to be able to walk the stage today. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Claren McCormick laughs when she hears the crowd cheering for her. She was surrounded by loads of support from friends and family. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)The class of 2020 anxiously waits their walk on the stage. This will finalize all of their hard work that they have put in for the past four years. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Sheldon Hawthorne makes his way towards his diploma. He is currently the graduate assistant for the men and women's tennis team. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Nicolas Matthews dances in celebration of his accomplishments. He finally received what he had been waiting so long for today. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Class of 2020 gather in honor of a postponed commencement in 2020. Many decorated their hats, showcasing their major and extra-curricular activities. (Staff Photographer/ Daegiona Wilson)The class of 2020 concluded their ceremony today by throwing their caps in the air. They are officially Southwestern College alumns. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)