Hannah Smith, health science sophomore, Shane Rodriguez, accounting junior, and Mallory Graves, communication junior, all enjoy each other’s company while watching others on inflatables. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)The men enjoy free Kona Ice. Along with Kona Ice, Uno Mas and Funky Monkey Munchies, were food trucks that attended this year’s annual Block Party. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Both women fight to try and see who can score a basket first. This was one of the serval inflatables that was provided for students to participate on. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Paiden Bell, accounting freshman, rides the mechanical bull. Many individuals did so, as they were timed on how long they could last. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Kerry Coleman, business administration senior, and Shane Rodriguez, accounting junior, play corn hole with others. Corn hole and spike ball were both games that drew a lot of students. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Kryslyn Henderson, health science junior, tries to run across The Big Balles obstacle. There were four balls in total. Many didn’t get past the first one. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Two women race through the obstacle course inflatable. The inflatable was roughly 100 yards long, that stretched across Sutton Hall’s lawn. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)Individuals sat and ate, while interacting with each other as well as witnessing those on inflatables. The Block Party was an event put on by Student Life, that started at 5 p.m.(Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)