Nisa Muhammad is a business management junior. She presented her positive and negative thoughts onto her artwork as part of the instructions for the project. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Olivia Worsham is a communication freshman. She created a flower of all of the positive things going on in her life right now. (Mallory Graves/Staff photography)Mya Rhone is a biochemistry freshman. She used this time to covey her feelings through her craft. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Micaila Holland is a business management junior. She is displaying her finished product that she worked on at painting night. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Carly Redding, philosophy and religion sophomore, holds up her artwork. She enjoyed taking some time off from studying. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Brandon Murphy, philosophy and religion sophomore poses with his painting. He was relieved after taking part in this fun activity. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)Kielee Ferrell is a philosophy and religion freshman. She was glad to be able to express her thoughts onto her canvas. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)