The homecoming bonfire began around 9:45 p.m. and many of the attendees had just finished practice just before the event began. The pallet pile burned bright and fast, causing the Winfield Fire Department to rush in and put out the quick spreading flames. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)The top five women for homecoming queen were announced at the bonfire. This took place towards the beginning of the event, right before the celebrating began. The homecoming king and queen will be announced during halftime of the football game this Saturday. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Brianna Claires, psychology sophomore, and Brennen Roubique, business sophomore,  show some peace at the bonfire. Athletes from every sport attended the bonfire celebration. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Keyshawn Wyatt, business junior, sneaks near the fire to ease the bite of the chilly evening air. Keyshawn is a part of the football team that will be playing against Friends University this Saturday for homecoming. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Mike McCoy, athletic director, gives a speech about homecoming to a crowd of excited athletes.  His speech raised excitement for the carious games happening on campus during the week. This week there will be Pink Out games for the men and women's soccer teams.  (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Bryan Kilpotric, business senior, and Sheldon Hawthorne, accounting senior MC at the bonfire. They presented the top five men and women homecoming candidates for homecoming court. These two bantered with each other through the night, generating many laughs from the crowd. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Morgan Graves, biology junior, Manuel Gonzales, kinesiology senior, and Adam Hernandez, business freshman stand near the dim embers of the fire. These three are often seen running around campus and around town as a part of the cross country team. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)