Members of mens soccer respect social distancing while designing rock. Rock painting began at sundown. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Paul Fiorentino, biology junior, catches up on studying on the 77. (Drake Vittitow/Staff photographer)Kielee Ferrell, philosophy and religion freshman, takes advantage of the weather and gets ahead on her reading. Ferrell found the perfect shaded spot on the 77 to read for her introduction to the Bible class. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)The men track and field rock dries before more details are added. Previously, team members have initialed the rock to leave their mark in the mound.(Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Anthony Hickman, sports medicine senior, takes in the sunset on his bike. (Drake Vittitow/Staff photographer)Quintin Wallace, sports science senior, and Geoff Salas, psychology senior, pose with their masks on. Wallace and Salas were taking in the cool air after basketball practice. (Drake Vittitow/Staff photographer)The women track and field team bond over painting their rock. Most teams have painted rocks for previous Moundbuilding ceremonies.(Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Jake Haertl, business administration senior, naps while taking in the sun. Haertl was resting after weightlifting. (Drake Vittitow/Staff photographer)Chloe Manly, biochemistry senior, studies while relaxing in a hammock. Manly's hammock is one of many that can be found around campus. (Drake Vittitow/Staff photographer)Maliki Pope, business administration junior, carefully marks his rock. Pope flashed his artistic side while painting.(Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Ryan Andrew, psychology junior, Jesus Flores, psychology junior, and Emily Berry, communication senior, decide to walk to the Winfield Recreation Center. The trio used the walk from campus as their warm up and to campus as their cool down. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)