By Thomas Noble
Staff reporter
If you have been dissipated with the last few entries in the James Bond film series, take notice. “Skyfall” is a very good movie. It not only stands tall as one of the best movies of the year, it also stands as one of the best James Bond films, and is a perfect way to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for the third time. Like Craig’s previous roles as Bond, “Skyfall” tells a more grounded story than previous interpretations of the character. There are no laser watches, or women with awful pun names here. The movie does have several references to previous Bond films that will make die hard Bond fans laugh.

“Skyfall” continues to provide a refreshing look at the character of Bond, and how theman develops into such a character. By the end of the movie, the final pieces are in place to show how Daniel Craig’s James Bond developed from who he was in ‘Casino Royal’ to a character reminiscing of Sean Connery’s Bond.

The film’s supporting cast all deliver great performances.  Dame Judi Dench reprises her role as M, and continues to nail the character. Ben Whishaw provides a young spin on the Q character of Bond lore.

But the best performance by far comes from Javier Bardem as the films villain, Raoul Silva. The villains in the previous Daniel Craig Bond films were lacking when compared to older Bond villains like Goldfinger and Jaws. Not so in “Skyfall”, as Silva steals almost every scene he is in.
The only less than stellar performance comes from Naomie Harris, as the token bond girl, Eve. She is not a bad actor; she just has poor chemistry with the other actors.

A stand out of “Skyfall” our the excellent action scenes. The scenes are all creative, despite featuring the usual Bond elements. Car chases, shootouts and fist fights are all featured heavily in the film, but the direction of these scenes is what makes them stand out.

The scenes are well shot, providing interesting angles without sacrificing a sense of flow. No matter how many things are exploding, moviegoers will know exactly what is happing. Sam Mendes proves to be a great action director, a film directed by the guy who directed “American Beauty” would have the year’s best action scenes in the same year as ‘The Avengers’”

Overall, “Skyfall” is definitely worth seeing. Non-Bond fans will walk away from the movie satisfied by the great action scenes, and Bond fans will be satisfied with one of the best Bond films to date.

Thomas Noble is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at