By Austen Holloway
Staff reporter

After interviewing SAAS members, it’s clear that the members, both new and old, are very excited to start the 2011-2012 school year and to be active in the Student African American Sisterhood. This group is expanding and maybe not as well known on campus as some of the others.

Hayley C. Weston-McClain, physical education sophomore, said, “I heard about the group from word of mouth. I enjoy the unity and closeness the group has.”

When asked if she plans on sticking with the group, she said, “Yes, I see myself in the group until I leave SC.”

Christine Sheppard, chemistry sophomore and second year member, said, “We are looking to reach out to new girls and get the name out across campus, to get more people involved with what we do.” She also added, “As SAAS members, the way we present ourselves is important, from the way we dress to how we conduct ourselves, whether that be in the class room or in our free time, we envelope a serious attitude.”

Michelle Deloney, elementary education senior, was eager to inform me that she too was soon to become a member of the group. “Considering the group is looking to recruit new members, and it’s early off in the school year, I’d say they are doing a good job picking up new members,” Deloney said. “I feel like as young women in the small college environment, we must come together and unite as one to make a good cause happen. I believe the group will help me with my future career because we will be practicing leadership, partnership and speech skills during our time as members.”

Maurica Cliett, nursing sophomore, also shed light on SAAS. When asked what big events will be involved with this coming school year, she said, “Fundraising and community service are a big part of what we will do.”

SAAS gives of the impression that they will be actively reaching out and spreading positivity and educational support for many younger girls.

Austen Holloway is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may contact him at