By Kaitlynn Munoz
Staff reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas music is what the A Cappella choir, the SC Singers and South Kansas Symphony will perform for the community. “This year we are striving for the community to get into the Christmas spirit after the concert,” said David Gardner, associate professor of music.

The A Cappella choir will be opening the concert with six songs. The SC Singers will then sing two songs. After they clear the stage, the orchestra will play three songs, and A Cappella and South Kansas Symphony will all join in for ‘Hallelujah’ at the end of the concert.  With students not having a long time to learn the pieces, they are practicing everyday on their own.

“The most stressful piece is called ‘Night before Christmas.’ We are having narration while playing, so we have to pay attention to when we start to play and have good timing with the narrator,” said Sarah Jane Boyer, music senior. Boyer plays violin in the South Kansas Symphony. She also sings in A Cappella choir.

The concert features some modern compositions, but mostly traditional Christmas songs. “We are having some music to where we are going to ask the crowd to join us and sing,” said Brandon Blackburn, artist in residence.  Blackburn directs the concert band and the jazz band.

“We hope everyone has tons of fun, and we hope to have a good turnout in the crowd,” said Blackburn.

The Christmas concert is at 3 p.m. Sunday in Richardson Performing Arts Center. There will be a reception after the concert in the lobby of Christy Administration Building. The jazz combo will be performing during the reception.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at