By Kaitlynn Munoz
Staff reporter

When speakers or special guests come to campus, they normally stay at a hotel across town. But with the help of Steve Wilke, vice-president for planning and new programs and Jeff Gile manager of plant operations, guests won’t have to worry about that drive across town.

There is now a guest apartment on campus. Wilke said, “It will be a lot more convenient for hosting visitors and it will be saving the college money.”

 This guest apartment is in Shriwise. Imagine the smell of a brand new clean apartment. A flat screen TV hangs on the wall, with a dinner table set for two directly underneath it. There’s a neutral shag rug and a brown three cushion leather sofa with an end table beside it.

In the hall leading toward the bedroom is a black counter with a coffee maker, coffee mugs and drinking cups. A little bowl of needed travel accessories is nearby. A phone on the wall is provided for contacting campus personnel. The bedroom has a full-size bed against the south wall. The attached bathroom has a tile shower with a tempered glass door, with an assortment of hangs on two towel racks. The bedroom closet has hangers, large towels, extra bed sheets, an extra blanket, toilet paper, and a vacuum cleaner.

The guest apartment will be maintained by the plant operations staff. Gile said, “If the school tells us to clean it, we will. But it is a wonderful idea for our guest speakers, so it is not a problem.”

Using an apartment in Shriwise for guests shouldn’t be inconvenient for students. “Most students want to stay in the area of all the other dorm rooms be closer to the cafeteria and the gym.

Students are less interested in living in Shriwise. The apartments are now full of the assistant coaches or married couples,” said Wilke.

With Shriwise Apartment No.1, guests may stay right on campus. The newly remodeled apartment will be opening in February to the guests that will be hosted by the college.

You can view a slideshow of the apartment here

Kaitlynn Munoz is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at