By Jevyn Voss
Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association held their weekly meeting in Pounds Lounge of the Roy L. Smith Student Center at 5:30 pm Tuesday night.

The meeting starts out every week with roll call and is followed by officer reports and approval of allocation requests.

Jessie Riggs, Vice President of SGA presented the opportunity for organizations to be awarded a Professional Development Grant in the amount of $1,000.

The Professional Development Grant will be used to bring on educational speakers, workshops that focus on development of professional skills and fees for conferences that benefit the student body.

Riggs said, “At next week’s meeting, the executives will bring forth a proposed Request For a Proposal. The RFP will be amended and approved by the Student Senate and it will be available for all organizations the following week.”

The RFP will be available on November 13th and the deadline for organizations to apply for the Professional Development Grant is January 11th, 2013.

Jessica McIver, Conduct Advisor met with Dan Falk, Dean of Students and Dawn Pleas-Bailey, Vice President for Student Life last week and was informed that Harold Harris, Director of Food Services has resigned.

“Myself, Dawn and Dan will be working on finding somebody to fill in the position for Harold,” said McIver.  Misty Terrill and Pleas-Bailey will be in charge of managing the Food Service for the remainder of the semester.

“Sodexo will ultimately make the decision on who will be hired by Dawn has a large say.  There will be improvements made in the cafeteria in the future,” said McIver on the hiring process.

The senate then addressed and voted on all of the allocations that have been turned in the past two weeks.

Campus Players requested an allocation for money to pay for candy to throw out and provide for the show that they have at their next improvisational show on November 2.

Tri-Beta had an allocation pass for money requested to pay for a trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Preserve on Nov. 17.  The trip to the preserve will be detailed as an educational trip centered on Kansas ecology and it is open to the student body to attend.

Dennis Watkins, a magician will be performing November 1st at 7:30 pm in the Richardson Performing Arts Center.

A discussion was held on why a magician was allowed to perform on campus.  According to rules set by Campus Life for student organizations, gambling and magic acts are not allowed to be held by student organizations.

Student organizations are not allowed to hold events that involve gambling because Campus Life does not want to support destructive decision such as gambling.

The school administration however planned the event and they are allowed to host events of that sort.

During the meeting, the executive board members also reminded the senate that the will be hosting an event called Rock The Vote. Rock The Vote is a Presidential Election Watch party that will be held on Tuesday, November 6th from 10 am – 5 pm in the Java Jinx.

During open period SGA then discussed a fun fall event that they would like to plan and host.  Ideas consisted of concerts, a guest chef for a night in the cafeteria, a minute to win it night, as well as many others.

Jevyn Voss is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at