Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

The Student Government Association, SGA meeting started off by taking roll and getting an updates from all of the officers.

President Anastasia Prokopis, business administration senior, announced that students should start to see changes in the wireless internet on campus when they return from thanksgiving break.

Students will not see any cost changes with tuition even though the internet bill will be higher. “Our campus actually has it pretty good. Cowley County reduced their bandwidth and is asking students toay for internet,” said Prokopis.

The senate approved Sigma Tau Deltas request for $420 to pay for their poetry slam. They also approved the Ukulele Society’s request for $325 to pay for their organization t-shirts.

Changes that had been made to the professional development grant were shown to the senate. After it had been read, some minor grammatical errors were fixed. The proposed date for the grant to be submitted to SGA is Jan. 11, 2013.

In open session the senate was reminded about the Rock the Vote watch party going on till 10pm, Intramural basketball at 6pm, and the Veteran’s Day program Nov. 12, at 9am.

It was also announced by Prokopis that Taylor Fogle is the senator of the month.

After the adjournment of the meeting people left quickly to head to the activities for the night.

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at hayley.weston@sckans.edu