By Dru Pelter
Staff reporter

Student Government Association (SGA) met Wednesday night and took time to consider what students want around campus and potential changes to the campus.

Taylor Fogle, president, attended a focus group regarding resident’s halls and what students would want in it. Bed and kitchen sizes were talked about. Fogle went on to explain that there is a meeting for the student center. President Merriman wants some input from students on what the building could be used for and what students want to see change.

“Right now (the student center) is a lot of wasted space, the nurse’s office isn’t really used because we don’t have a nurse anymore. That office is pretty big, what could we do with that space? There also could be changes in the Cafeteria, mailbox area, and Mound builder Market,” said Fogle.

Brenna Truhe, vice president, talked about the rules of academic probation, explaining that you have to take ESKL classes for the first semester of academic probation periods.

There are two tax classes being added to the accounting majors. The courses are a tax class for personal documents and the other is a tax class for business tax documents. “There is a history proposal in the works,” said Truhe. SGA can’t make a movement on it until it goes through the TEC.  Computer science and digital arts will be changing their major and minor requirements.

SGA is planning on buying a new flat screen TV for the Student Life Center through donations through STUFU, Campus Life, and SGA.

Dru Pelter is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at