By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Students came out to participate in the debate of the SGA proposed budget Oct. 16.

After much debate on funding changes within the professional development SGA proposed budget motion has been passed.

The proposed budget funds are divided 60-40. With 60% of funds going to allocations and 40% going to operational needs.

Both allocation and operational funds are then broken down into different groups that are allowed a certain amount of money.

Each group is then split into different parts that are allowed a certain amount of money.

The budget naturally changes and shifts through the year.

The cafeteria will be making changes.

  • Customized omelets are back
  • Better portions
  • More gluten free options
  • More vegetarian options

Slow progress is being made with changes in the wireless on campus. Changes will be seen by the end of this month.

The college is working on having more critical thinking being a main focus in classes. An effort is being made to gain more class choice for summer classes.

There is also discussion on allowing students to take more credit hours during the school year.

  • To help students get their degrees sooner
  • To help students graduate on time

Lai-L Clemons, SGA advisor, thanked all of the students who attended the meeting. “It is just so great that all of you came out today to support and be involved in tonight’s debate” said Clemons.

Maggie Dunning is a freshman majoring in mass communications. You may email her at