Severe weather hit the Winfield/Cowley County area on Thursday afternoon, just before Homecoming Weekend festivities began. (Taylor Forrest/Staff Photographer)
Several students and faculty members stepped outside after the warnings expired to check the aftermath of the first round of storms. Three different systems moved through the area, causing two separate tornado warnings. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
The basement of the Christy Administration Building was full of people as everyone on campus was ordered to find the nearest tornado shelter. The warnings came in the middle of a Board of Trustees meeting. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Among the other stressors during the tornado warnings, the E-sports group found out that their gaming lounge flooded during the terrential rain. Efforts were made to save the computers and equipment before too much was damaged. (Taylor Forrest/Staff Photographer)
The hallway leading to the Helen Graham Little Theater was full of students, faculty, and trustees during the warnings. Several people were using this time to call friends and family. (Kylie Stamper/Staff Photographer)
Because of the heavy rain, the football field and track was flooded soon after the rain let up for a short break. (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)
Students, faculty, and other Christy occupants, pack the hallway leading to the Little Theater during the first tornado warning at around 2:00pm. Another warning sounded at around 3:45pm (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)
The skies were ominous with threats of more rotating funnels in the area. A rumored tornado touchdown was reported south of Winfield near Strother Field and student reports of other funnels were seen around campus. (Hanna House/Staff Photographer)

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