Blake Garman
Staff reporter

Here on campus there is a huge diversity of clubs and programs to be a part of.

Many students find themselves wanting to be apart of something bigger, and learn a little more about themselves. One of the many programs is the Leadership program. Not only will this program look good on your job resume, but it will also help you learn about yourself a little bit, as well as build relationships with others.

Samuel DeNike said, “Leadership program is designed to teach you about your flaws and strengths, the whole goal is to teach you how to work with people.”

Some of the activities that Leadership is in charge of is freshman work day, outdoor classroom, and also a rotary camp.

Even bigger, you will also take service trips to various cities around the country. Recently the Leadership program went to Kansas City, this year the program is hopeful go to New Orleans to do some service work.

Maria Collins wanted to tell future leaders is, “It’s more then a resume booster, when you learn in class then apply it in the real world and make that connection its really special.

Something Brae Wood also said for people who are considering joining is, “It’s not a club, leadership is practice for life.”

To be a leader means to be the standard for people to see and follow. As Samuel said about Leadership, “It’s about being true to yourself and being able to guide people.”