By Blake Garman
Staff reporter

Unfortunately, for the Lady Builders this week’s Senior Night against Avila and Ottawa has been moved back to a later date. This makes it over a month since the last time the Lady Builders have seen any action.

Coach Conrad wanted it to be clear to the media, “The postponement of these games has nothing to do with Southwestern College and the medical situation here, we have done an incredible job. Matter of fact, schools are inviting us to play because they are hearing how good we are doing”.

With no competition since Sept. 6th, it would be easy to become frustrated. This time off from competing has given the team a chance to work on their craft even more than usual.

 When asked about what the team has had a chance to improve on, Coach Alaniz responded, “Fundamentals of serve and passing, and just talking about a lot of the opportunities we have to improve”.  Kaila Harris, senior setter, said, “Really focusing on offense, and defense as well. Improving on defense just as much as the setter to hitter connection”.

Having Senior Night postponed affects the seniors considering this is something special, and they’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. With limited home games as it is, it’s hard for the whole team.

Many of the players haven’t seen their parents since arriving on campus. This was their chance to see them for the first time since then. Thankfully, Coach Conrad has noted that there will be some upcoming opportunities and room for players to see there parents moving forward.

Coach Conrad said, “I just think that we are doing everything we can to protect the community, while still being happy to be together as a group and get a chance to compete”.

As of right now the next home game is scheduled for Oct. 10th. Be sure to stay updated as the Lady Builders return for the first time in a month!