There are exactly 32 days before I spring outta this joint. Harsh words, I know. It’s that time of year and what can I say, except I’m ready to be done.

Thirty two days doesn’t give me much time to impart my wisdom on all of the younger students. So, I thought I might use what may be my last column, as a vehicle for my brilliant words (if you know me or even if you don’t, I hope you sense the sarcasm.)

The best way to do this is through my memories of the various places on campus.

I think it fitting to begin at the first place I came to in 2006, Cole Hall. Life seemed simpler then. The courses I took were easy, so many of my evenings were spent goofing around with my friends. We would ride the elevator up and down, film ridiculous videos that I would be embarrassed to see today, or try to see how many people we could get to fit on a bed. Yes, we were obnoxious, but we had fun.

It is funny how I have come full circle with my living situation. I went from Cole, to Reid, to Warren, to Broadhurst and finally back to Cole. In my first three years I was extremely lucky. I had roommates who I got along with and all of which I am still friends with.

My favorite living situation was last year in Warren. I remember making many delicious meals together, creating our very own dessert bar, hiding behind doors and in closets to scare each other and all of the non-stop laughter.

To this I say cherish the moments you have with your roommates because you never know when your next chance will be to live like that. You may be stuck with one person to live with for the rest of your life. Please take a moment to think about that one.

Next I head to the Student Center. In this one building I devoured 8 chocolate chip cookies in one sitting in the cafeteria (after eating a huge dinner no less), lost at late night Bingo for four straight years and attended many other events hosted by various organizations on campus.

My only advice here is to attend. You are actually helping to pay for those events, so do yourself a favor and go. Who knows, you may actually, oh I don’t know, enjoy yourself. Oh and don’t forget to take advantage of your meal plan. Those things cost a pretty penny.

I now exit the doors of the student center to where if I look one way I can see the construction of the new stadium and the other way I see the site of my graduation, Stewart Field House. In both of these places I danced at halftime games and cheered on my fellow Builders.

To this I say support one another. Even if you think you know the outcome of a game or you have no interest in listening to orchestral music, go anyway. People want to look out at a crowd full of people instead of an empty auditorium or bleachers.

Now I think to the 77 steps. In my first semester of my freshman year I along with some other freshmen had what was called the stair club. We would go at night to the steps and run up and down them for our form of exercise. It was so goofy and so were we, but it created a memory I won’t soon forget.

To this I say act like an idiot. I’m not supporting getting in trouble with the law. Just don’t say no to an opportunity which could potentially be something for you to remember for years to come. Also take some time to walk up to the top of those steps and look at the view. I think to many of us take that for granted and I know I’m going to miss it.

Finally, I’m at the building at the top of that heck of hike. I think it safe to say that Christy has literally been my home for the past three years. Ever since I joined the newspaper staff and decided to make communication studies my area of interest I feel like I don’t leave the building. Here is where I spent long hours producing the news and preparing for difficult tests and countless papers. The building is also the home of an auditorium in which I performed in several vocal concerts and made my college acting debut as a sleeping beauty.

To this I say work hard. Push through the late nights of studying and give one hundred percent at rehearsals and practices. Your efforts will produce great things and give you the ability to look back and be pleased.

My experience was not perfect, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was one filled with amazing people, places and experiences. I hope you can make the most of your own.

Reliving these moments and thinking about what I will be leaving behind is suddenly making the thought of graduating a little depressing