By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

Graduation just passed, classes are done, and the seniors are ready to move on but their legacy still remains through their senior class gift. The senior class gift is purchased and presented as a gift to the college each year.

Cameron Clark, physical education senior, is the senior class president and is in charge of the senior committee. This committee includes Rodney Marner, physical education senior, Allison Totty, biology senior, Stevie Heidzig, biology senior, Tavinia Tucker, psychology senior, Mary Reilly, biology senior, and Taylor Fogle, biology senior. This year, the group met with Jessica Dibble, director of annual fund, to work out ideas and costs.

Last year’s gift was a T-shirt cannon to be used at sporting events. This year, the committee wanted to give something that the entire campus could use.

This year’s senior gift will be a bell. “The plans for it are to be bigger than just athletics. It’s something that we could ring it at times of excitement across campus. That could be builder camp or graduation or things like that and, of course, athletics,” said Dibble.

The committee wanted to purchase a gift that could compete with 2014’s cannon. Clark said, “First we came up with flags or banners that say Southwestern College. After that we sat down and we knew those would wear down so we thought of something that we could keep for a while. That’s when we came up with the bell idea.”

In order to purchase the senior class gift, the students first decide what kind of gift they want to give and how much it will cost. The money for the gift comes from donors, Stau Bau winnings and from the seniors themselves. Dibble said the class is still raising funds to purchase a bell and depending on how fast money is raised, the estimate is to have the bell on campus by the end of the summer.

As far as where it will go on campus, plans are still underway. The committee wants to place it in an area that is central to the entire campus rather than only being accessible for sporting events. One of the original ideas was to install it in the football field plaza area.

Clark said, “It’s still under discussion where we want to put it just because it’s kind of far away from where theater and other things happen on campus. We don’t want to make it something that is just for sporting events because it’s not, it’s for everybody. We’re trying to find an open place to do that so it’s still in the process.”

The bell idea was accepted among the committee members because it is loud and can be used for any positive event on campus. These events include any sporting event, recruits, campus visits, music performances, theater, campus events, and anything positive.

Clark said, “We felt like it was something that everybody could be involved in. It’s just something different. We could always get a bench or a tree but I feel like this is something we can stand behind for a while, something historical for the campus. It’s not just for our class but kind of a tradition for the future.”

Kylie Stamper is a sophomore majoring in communication. You can email her at