By Blake Garman
Staff reporter

Kaila Harris is a health science senior and was named the KCAC Setter of the Week on Oct. 14.

 Her family consists of a mother, father, and brother who just graduated from college at the age of 23.

Harris said, “I attended Southwestern after going JUCO because it felt like home. A lot of people here are from Texas, everyone here feels like family in a way.”

Morgan Harral, psychology junior, said, “My favorite thing about her, is her ability to make me laugh at any moment.”

To relax Harris said, “I like to run or watch Netflix get my mind away from school and volleyball.”

When doing homework Harris likes to go to the upstairs of the library to the quiet room. She said, “I have to be in a quiet place to do homework. Something else that helps me is creating a to-do list.”

Lezlee Dixon, history senior, said, “She’s a great leader, honest, compassionate, and a hard worker. She’s also a great friend, teammate, and captain.”

All of the other things aside, Harris expressed that she is beyond ready to graduate and get started with her life.