By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

After endless days of practice, forming a family with fellow teammates for years, the sweat, tears, the feeling of loss and the thrill of winning comes at an end senior year. The worst fear of the season coming to an end isn’t just the end, but the thought of what happens next? For me, it’s getting fat.

I have played soccer since my early years. Since then every fall has been dedicated to representing my school colors. Oh the thought of waking up, bright and early to run around the field and the smell of the fresh cut grass, is enough to make my body yearn 6 a.m. practice. But, being involved in a sport wasn’t just about playing the sport I am passionate about, the people I have met, or the things I have learned throughout my career, but staying in shape.

Sure my love for the game lead to my total and complete dedication to working out and eating healthy, but since season has been over I have lost that dedication. I have found myself drinking soda, something I prided myself on never consuming, but I have also discovered my lack of motivation to hit the weight room. My best friends, who used to be my teammates, have been replaced, by popcorn, swiss rolls and twinkies. That is pathetic, but has my life really come to this? Will I be more than another dried up, used to be player? In reality, I won’t be able to play competitively or at the college level, those days are behind me.

As much as it hurts to say it, I can’t go back. Although this shouldn’t be the excuse for my change in diet and my motivation to stay in shape, I can’t help it. Being a student-athlete was hard, but that was my life. I knew how to be a student-athlete, now I’m just a student and that I don’t know how to be.

Someday I’ll look at old soccer pictures and say ‘what the heck happened to me, I was so thin’ and snap out of this phase I’m going through, but for now I will drown my sorrows in chocolates and look back to the day I was a soccer player at college.

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at