By Dalton Carver
Staff reporter

A free self-defense class will be available to all students Oct. 17 in Wroten Hall. The class will be taught by Jennifer Love, a former firefighter, a current EMT, and an alumnus from Southwestern College. This event is sponsored by the psychology department, Student Life and Dr. Carrie Lane, Associate Professor of Psychology in specific.

“This will be kind of an introduction to what you can anticipate in terms of taking care of yourself,” said Lane. “You obviously won’t learn everything you need to know about self-defense, but you will get a broad opening and tips on how to protect yourself in most situations.”

Lane hopes that attendees take away the fact that they don’t have to feel hopeless in these kinds of situations. “I hope it gives them hope about the knowledge and possibilities to take care of themselves,” she said. “This is a great opportunity to learn from someone who’s from Southwestern and has that skill set.”

This class is open to both men and women. “There’s definitely no question that both women and men get abused,” said Lane. “They shouldn’t feel ashamed to want to protect themselves.”

The psychology department and Student Life are supporting this event along with Domestic Violence Month. “I hope it goes well,” said Lane. “It’s my first time as well, so we’ll see.”

Dalton Carver is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at or tweet him @dalty_james.