Taylor Finke
Staff reporter

Last night, a small group of women attended the self-defense class put on by Jennifer a, a third-degree black belt, and Dr. Carrie Lane, associate professor of psychology. The class went from 7:30 to 9:30 and was held in Wroten Hall. Love is currently a public relations coordinator at the hospital and an instructor at White Tiger, a martial arts center which she and her husband operate.

Due to the small group size, the time spent was discussion-based. Topics included what to consider as an attack, how to prevent an attack, what to do in an attack, and what to do after an attack.

The main topic was kicked off with what to define as an attack. Love said, “Any time you feel uncomfortable [in a situation], that’s an attack.” She went on to say that an attack could be anything from a Facebook exchange to seeing that your dorm room has been rifled through.

However, most of the discussion followed how to prevent and react to an attack by an assailant. She suggested to practice self-defense moves regularly, be vigilant, and also to listen to one’s common sense.

While these were the main points of the discussion, throughout was the topic of self-worth and self-esteem.

“It’s not just teaching you to kick someone’s butt. That’s the cool part, but self-esteem plays a big part of it,” said Love.

In order to illustrate, she said that most women would defend almost anyone- children, family, and friends- but struggle to stand up for themselves. “You have to realize you’re worth it,” Love said.

Since most evening was spent discussing confidence, attack-prevention strategies, and techniques for incapacitating an attacker, there is a possibility that there will be another meeting, or perhaps even a club. However, there is no date set as of now.

Taylor Finke is a freshman majoring in English. You may contact her at taylor.finke@sckans.edu.