By Jacob Jimmerson
Staff reporter

It was a rough second half for the Builders Saturday night, as they let a seven point halftime deficit turn into a 45 to 14 loss. Evangel took advantage of some mistakes made by the Builders, which lead to victory.

Coach Ken Crandall saw good things from this game. Crandall said, “I thought that we battled well and put together a couple of good drives in the first half. It is tough to come up short like this, but I like the way my team responded to the early deficit. Especially in the second quarter.”

The third quarter was rough for the Builders, as they gave up 21 points. Crandall said, “I felt that we played weak from the outside linebacker spot and the play could have been better there. Offensively we have to be more consistent. We made simple mistakes in the second half and had a hard time driving the ball down field.”

The Builders feel confident moving forward. Crandall said, “Just have to continue to battle and these games are important, but the main goal is to end up high in the rankings of the KCAC. We can still do that and these games will have been a great help for that.”

Crandall learned some things about the team Saturday. Crandall said, “I feel like they fought really well. We went down 14 early and didn’t give up at all. We need to continue to build our chemistry as a team. And just get better every day.”

The offensive line improved a lot this game. As well as the freshmen up front. Crandall said, “I thought they played really well the first half especially, but the second half there are a few things we need to go back and look at. But, the freshmen are getting better every day and there is a great upside with them.”

Matt Thompson, senior offensive lineman thought there were some improvements upfront. Thompson said, “I felt there were improvements from our first game, but there are still a lot of things that we need to improve. We didn’t get the job done well enough at the end of the day.”

Thompson thought that the chemistry needs to improve. Thompson said, “We are getting to know each other better every day and I really think that we are moving in the right direction. But, there is still a lot of work to do for us.”

Thompson has also seen a lot of improvement from the two freshmen on the line. Thompson said, “They are getting better every game, but there is still work to do. But, there has been improvement. But, at the end of the day we didn’t get the job done tonight.”

Paul Mata, senior linebacker thought the defense performed well in the first half. Mata said, “I feel we did an excellent job in the first of responding to their quick start. But, we have to remain consistent throughout the game.”

Mata led the team in tackles. Mata said, “I was able to see my gaps pretty well tonight, but there is still room for improvement. There were times where I missed my assignments and made some bad plays. There are things I need to work on.”

Mata feels confident in the team moving forward. Mata said, “I feel like these first two games were against great competition and I know it’s going to help moving forward. We need to continue to grow as a team and just get better every day. We need to open up conference play with a win next Saturday.”

The Builders will play Kansas Wesleyan (0-2) next Saturday in Salina. Kickoff is set to be at 7:00 p.m. be sure to tune in to the Jinx radio to listen to the game.

Jacob Jimmerson is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at jacob.jimmerson@sckans.ed