By Samantha Gillis
Staff reporter

The second annual Leadership Road Race took place Saturday, registration was at the Richard L. Jantz family plaza. The race hosted a 1 mile walk/run and a 5,000 meter, participants could compete in both events.

Kyle Luttgeharm, biochemistry senior, started the fundraiser last year and was excited to see it continued. “This event is my baby and seeing it continue and having all the runners talking about how well the race was run, feels unbelievable,” Luttgeharm said. The event had 38 registrations which was twice as many as last year.

Luttgeharm attributes the improvement to the event’s reputation.

Elizabeth Macy, nursing junior, agrees with Luttgeharm and believes the race mainly grew from word of mouth. She said, “I think that we had so many more runners this year because we had returning runners who also invited friends and family.”

Macy and Chastity Osen, early childhood education junior, were the co-directors for the race. However, Macy said Luttgeharm helped a lot with the event, since he used to run cross country and directed the race last year, while neither Macy or Osen are runners.

Both courses started and ended on Warren Avenue in front of White P.E. There were some issues with closing the streets. Cars still meandered down Warren Avenue despite the cones and student workers asking them to go around. Osen said, “If I would change anything it would be having better barricades on the street so cars do not interfere again.”

The changes that were made were not drastic. “We made a few changes to the courses, but we didn’t want to surprise any of the returning runners,” so the course was similar, Macy said. Instead of looping around Island Park the course went by the park over to the dyke.

Although the exact amount has not been tallied yet, overall the fundraiser accrued a decent amount of money according to Macy. The sole sponsor for the event was State Farm Insurance.

All of the money raised from the event will go to students who worked during the event, some of whom are raising funds for a service learning trip to Europe in mid-May. Osen said, “Overall this was […] a good fundraiser.”

Macy said, “I’m very happy with how the race went this year. Hopefully there will be even more runners at next year’s race.”

1 Mile
Clinton Dick 6:33 (1st-P)
Rex Corbett 8:05 (2nd-P)
Sandy Corbett 10:25 (3rd-P)

Scott Kuhn 21:11 (1st-P)
Kyle Luttgeharm 21:21 (2nd-P)
Jenny Roe 25:13 (3rd-P)

Samantha Gillis is a senior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at