By Erica Dunigan
Staff reporter

“The Acts of Consequence” will be performed April 25, 26,and 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Helen Graham Little Theatre. There are two acts performed each night. Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre, will direct “Riders to the Sea,” and Lenita Krejci, theater education senior, will direct “The Trysting Place.”

“Each director gets to choose an act for ‘The Acts of Consequence,” said Krejci. “I want to go a whole different direction than Roger.” “Riders to the Sea,” is set in the Aran Islands, Ireland. The act deals with a grieving mother,who loses her family to the sea. “This act is on the best pieces in Irish and English literature,” said Moon. Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre, will play the mother in “Riders to the Sea.” The last act performed is “The Trysting Place.” This act is about two young couples that arrange to meet every night at a secluded place.

“The actors will be hiding in numerous places, such as different pieces of furniture,” said Krejci. “It’s a really fun comedy.” Julia Faust, theatre freshman, will play Jessie Briggs in “The Trysting Place.” She said that each act isabout 25 to 30 minutes long. “Being in short play is less stressful,” she said. “It allows the actor to do a lot more character research.” Krejci said they do construction during the day and sometimes on the weekends. “It’s a challenge, especially after Chicago, but it’s all coming together.” “We hope the audience will be very entertained due to the contrasting themes,” said Faust. “It should be a night of laughter and at the same time very moving.”

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