By Drake Vittitow
Opinion editor

Pirate video games have been scarce in recent history, but none compare to the free-flowing experience that “Sea of Thieves” offers.

Everyone’s perfect pirate experience is different. For some, digging up buried treasure and selling their hard-earned loot is a day well spent. Other players prefer raiding ships, so they don’t have to do all the hard work digging up the loot in the first place. A select few will be content with hanging out at an outpost drinking in the tavern and fishing on the dock.

Regardless of your preference, there is something for every pirate in this game and you have the power to change your playing style at any time.

Unlike other multiplayer games, “Sea of Thieves” puts every player on an even playing field.

There is no leveling system.

This means that you get a brand-new ship every time you log in. The only thing that accumulates over multiple playing sessions is your gold and doubloon count.

Players choose from three ships.

Sloops hold a max of two players. Brigs hold a max of three and galleons hold a max of four. The biggest differences between the three ships are the number of cannons and their speed with or against the wind. Galleons are fastest with wind and sloops are fastest against the wind.

Teamwork and effective communication are key to success. The focus on teamwork is an aspect that is absent in other multiplayer games, like “Fortnite.”

However, “Sea of Thieves” sacrifices fast-paced gameplay for this free will, and some players might be turned off by it. While I was playing, I had to bring a chest from one corner of the map to the other, and it took around 15 minutes. That is as much time as a team deathmatch takes on “Call of Duty.”

The game combats this with two game modes.

The first is adventure. This mode is the game’s sandbox feature where players are free to do whatever they want.

The second is the arena, which offers players a fast-paced experience. The goal is to accumulate points by cashing in chests, sinking other player’s ships, killing other players, and landing cannon shots.

Adventure isn’t just about digging up treasure chests.

The mode has five factions in which players have the choice to represent.

The Gold Hoarders offer the usual pirate missions. Each map has either a riddle or a picture of an island where the treasure is.

The Order of Souls offers bounties on skeleton captains. Players have to locate the captains and their crews and destroy them.

The Merchant Alliance seeks to deliver goods to sea posts such as plants or exotic cloths.

The Reaper’s Bones emphasizes that players sink other player’s ships to increase in power.

The Athena’s Fortune traverses the seas doing a mix of Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance missions to earn better loot.

Adventure also has events that players can participate in. The way players locate these events is by looking to the sky. Each variation of the event has players doing different things to receive better treasure.

But what does this gold get you?

Players can spend their loot on cosmetics for ship.

There is a special type of currency called ancient coins. These give players rare outfits and ship cosmetics that are uncommon to find on the seas.

If cosmetics aren’t your thing, then pets can be bought with ancient coins as well.

The four different types of pets that are available are: dogs, cats, monkeys and parrots.

The game continues to offer up new content as well. Every month, the game updates with new missions, events or cosmetics. This month, the developing team announced a new Gold Hoarders mission in which players will dig up pieces of a map to find the location of a vault filled with loot.

“Sea of Thieves” brings a refreshing and much-needed change of pace to the present multiplayer genre. It offers up unique experiences to players looking for a hectic experience or a smooth-sailing journey. While some players might be turned off by the limited amount of game modes, the number of things players can do in each mode is expansive, and it is a new experience every single time.

Sailing the seven seas with fellow buccaneers has never been this much fun.