By Erica Dunigan
Staff reporter

The men’s and women’s soccer teams traveled to Southwestern Christian University Sept. 24.

Unfortunately, the Builders would not have a night that they were hoping for. Women would end up tying the game 2-2. Men were not able to score, which lead to a 0-5 loss to the Eagles.

The night would start off with the Lady Builders vs. Lady Eagles. As a team, the Builders would only allow seven shots on goal the first half. Nichole Resa, sophomore center mid-fielder, scored the first goal, setting the score 1-0.

The Eagles would not let the night end in the Builders favor. Going into the second half, five more shots would be attempted by the Eagles, ending up in two goals.

Alyson Sparkman, junior freshman, would score the second and final goal for the Lady Builders. The game would end in a tie.

“There were many moments of glory and some not so glorious moments,” said Maddie Chapin, sophomore center back.

Hoping to end a two game losing streak, the Builder men would play their game next against the Eagles. Unfortunately, the men would extend the streak to three games.

Many shots were taken on goal, but it seemed that none would go in. The Builders had nine shots throughout the first half, but none second.

The Eagles would score two goals in the first half, and three in the next. The Builders would never find an answer to turn the game around.

Both women and men hope to turn the season around at their next games against Manhattan Christian College. The game will begin at 5 p.m. in Richard L. Jantz Stadium.

Erica Dunigan is a senior majoring in convergent journalism. You may email her at