ABOVE: Steele Gaston-Chapman, freshman guard, finishes a fast break with an easy lay-up. The Builders defeated the Spires by a final score of 82-63. (RJay McCoy/Staff photographer)

Noah Webster, senior guard, backs down Spires defender. Webster finished with three points, two assists and one rebound. (RJay McCoy/Staff photographer)Steele Gaston-Chapman, freshman guard, looks for an opening. Gaston-Chapman scored 20 points during the game, tied for the most on the team. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Troy baker, senior forward, puts up a floater against swarming Spires defenders. Baker finished the day with four points, three assists, one block, and thirteen rebounds. (RJay McCoy/Staff photographer)Cooper Pierce, junior guard, looks to pass to Steele Gaston-Chapman, freshman guard. Pierce scored seven points during the game. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Braylon Steen, junior guard, reaches for the basket. Steen played a total of 18 minutes of the game. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Troy Baker, senior forward, pushes past a Spire. Baker had 13 rebounds during the game. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Zhahidi Robinson, sophomore guard, rushes past a Spire. Robinson scored a total of 20 points, tied for the most on the team. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Tony Kinser, junior forward, jumps for put back rebound. Kinser finished the game with ten points, two blocks, and four rebounds. (RJay McCoy/Staff photographer)Braylon Steen, junior guard, shoots for a free throw. Steen scored 16 points during the game. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)Zhahidi Robinson, sophomore guard, fakes out a Spire. Robinson had a total of six rebounds during the game. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

By Taylor Rodriguez
Staff reporter

The men’s basketball team beat Saint Mary 82-63 in today‚Äôs game.

The game began after a couple of successful 2 point shots put up by Tony Kinser, junior forward. Quick to react, Saint Mary responded with a 6-4 lead with 18 minutes left in the half.

Soon after, Southwestern has a break away and puts the score up to 17-6 about halfway through the first half. 

The remainder of the first half is back and forth as the two teams battle to get a lead over the other. At three minutes left in the half Zhahidi Robinson, sophomore guard, further extended the lead with a three point shot.

Southwestern went into the second half of the game 36-31 with a 5 point lead.

At the start of the second half Steele Gaston-Chapman, freshman guard, and Troy Baker, senior forward, find success on the hoop bringing the score to 40-32.

Halfway through the second half Braylon Steen, junior guard makes two successful free throws and immediately after scores a three-pointer, further extending the lead.

Southwestern capitalized on free throws, extending to a 15 point lead with a minute left in the half.

Gaston-Chapman and Robinson close out the game with another four points, bringing the final score to 82-63, nearly a 20 point lead.

Southwestern made just over half of their shots at 50.8% and 100% of their free throws at 7-7.

Robinson and Gaston-Chapman lead the team in points with 20 apiece, and Steen, a reserve, followed shortly behind 16.

This is the last game of the regular season.