By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

SC Christmas is a well-known tradition at SC that many students have grown to love. It brings everybody together as a family and closes out the semester before everybody leaves for winter break. Brianna Helton, elementary education junior, said, “SC Christmas is the time of year that SC comes together as a family to spread the joy and love for the holiday.”

SC’s celebration of the Christmas season brings unity within the Builder family, upholds traditions, and gives a simple reason to just have fun. “You guys celebrate different things with your family and we like to say that were a Builder family so I think celebrating Christmas is one of the things we should be doing,” said Brandon Hessing, assistant director of campus life.

It is a time to celebrate the season and enjoy being a part of the Builder family. The week is jam-packed with fun, Christmas-themed events like wreath decorating, Christmas tree lighting, and bingo. “We have Christmas trees that we bring on campus and we do a tree lighting ceremony and we talk about what Christmas means to us. We have President Merriman come and speak. We have music and other faculty and staff and students talk about the meaning of Christmas,” said Hessing.

“This year we are not only having the fun events like Bingo night and Tree lighting but we are also having what is called nine ornament Scavenger hunt and what this is is nine ornaments hidden around campus and within each is a gift that STUFU went out and bought from our community stores from Bradbury’s Kitchen, to Graves and even Donna’s Designs and many more,” Helton said.

As any student knows, whether it’s from the story of the Jinx or the annual moundbuilding ceremony, SC is big on tradition. “One of our traditions that has been going on longer than SC Christmas is bingo night. That’s always fun. It’s Christmas bingo. We have a lot of Christmas themed prizes. We usually see about 200 students in the cafeteria,” said Hessing.

This year’s theme is Jinxy Claus is coming to town. Among the other events going on this week, students will also have the opportunity to have their picture taken with Jinxy Claus at the basketball game on Saturday.

Taylor Fogle, biology junior, said, “SC Christmas is a week of events that brings Christmas on campus for Southwestern Students. I believe that SC Christmas adds to the family atmosphere of the town and campus, providing a time that the school can come together with the community and celebrate Christmas.”


SC Christmas events:

All week—9 ornament Scavenger hunt

Dec. 3—Wreath decorating in the Java Jinx from 11-1. There will be 25 wreaths being donated to the Veterans Home and 25 that individuals will get to take home.

Dec. 4—BINGO night at 8:00 in the cafeteria (wear your onesy)

Dec.  6—Tree lighting ceremony at the Library from 6-7.

Dec. 7—Basketball game vs. Friends. Wear your tacky sweaters and get your pictures taken with Jinxy Claus.


Kylie Stamper is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at