By Hanna House
Staff reporter

Any group without a director clearly lacks direction. And if a group has no direction, what’s the point of the group?

Student Life was without a director for almost a year after Lai-l Clemons resigned. After she left, Brandon Hessing stepped up for the task but a few months later, he also made a big change in his life and left his SC family.

After a full semester with no director, Student Life now has a new fearless leader. Her name is Anjaih Clemons and she is also a former Moundbuilder. Native of Kansas City, Clemons came to Southwestern to study business and Leadership.

After graduation in 2011, Clemons migrated north to work at a small college in northern Iowa. A year and a half later, she found herself pulled back to SC. As a business major, Student Life work was not where she expected to go after graduation.

“I originally wanted to go into Corporate America, particularly with finance,” said Clemons.

After getting a Master’s in Leadership, Clemons realized that maybe a leadership-type of position would suit her outgoing personality better so that’s when she took the job in Iowa. After falling in love with Student Life work, she knew that was the right fit for her.

Seeing the open position at her home school made her realize that coming back to her family here and still being able to do the job she loved would be miraculous.

Maggie Collett, graduate assistant for Student Life and Leadership, was one of the many people glad to see a new face in the office. Collett tried to help out while they were without a director by paving the way but struggled because of her lack of experience.

“We just struggled not having a direction. I was here and I was doing my best to help SGA and STUFU but since I don’t have any experience in this kind of thing, there was only so much that I could do,” said Collett.

The Campus Life office still worked without a director but things will be a little easier now that a director has been named as described by Marci Diepenbrock, athletic training sophomore.

“Now with the Campus Life director being hired and her being an alumni, I think she will help us get back on track and get things done more efficiently,” said Diepenbrock.

As for now, Clemons says not too many changes will happen until she sees how things are running so they can have time to prepare for new things coming about next year.

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at