ABOVE: Ruth Moreno, elementary education freshman, served as the manager for the women’s soccer team. This was her first time being involved in any type of sports. (Mallory Graves/Staff photographer)

By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

Ruth Moreno, elementary education freshman, played an essential role as the manager for the Lady Builders as the team finished the year with an 11-5 record, the most wins in program history.

It’s not common that a young student gets hired for this team position.

Maria Rios Jean, assistant women’s soccer coach, recognized Moreno during move-in day. “I met Ruth through a camp during the summer, and we connected right away when she joined Southwestern in the fall.”

Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, said, “It was the right place and the right time, and she helps out wherever she can.”

Moreno said, “I haven’t been involved in a sport before, and I wanted to try something new.”

“At the beginning of the preseason, I went to every morning and evening practice and helped to set up the drills and turn the lights on and off,” said Moreno.

Her responsibility also includes game duties like recording stats, videos or running the scoreboard and taking care of the uniforms.

Moreno said, “I’m responsible for my tasks and try to do everything on time.”

Jean said, “She is very energetic and has a great attitude to anything she does and that helps the girls and us.” 

Moreno said, “I can be very friendly and get along with the girls, and I always cheer them up and enjoy having the opportunity.”

Wood said, “She’s a pleasant person to have around and be a part of the program because she gets the job done, and you can always count on her.”

Jean said, “Life happens and sometimes you not in a great mood, and she is always positive, and she’s fun to be around and very responsible. We never had issues with her not watching stuff.”

Moreno signed a contract for a year and will renew it at the end of the semester. The role is different from her goal of becoming a teacher.

“I wanted to try something new, but I’m not a sports person. I enjoy watching them and cheer them up, but I can’t imagine working in a sports team. I want to be a teacher for the little kids and want to be creative,” said Moreno.