By Daegiona Wilson
Staff reporter

A rivalry game comes away in a win for the Moundbuilders, as they drop the Friends Falcons, 20-3 Saturday afternoon.

Things started out pretty slow for both teams with the first quarter being scoreless.

There was only 5:46 to go in the second quarter, the Builders were able to strike with an 8-yard run from Jaquils Coleman, junior running-back. The Builders took a 7-0 lead.

As half time approached, the Falcons cashed in on a field goal, making it a 7-3 ball game.

Scoring remained low, with the only other scoring plays came from a 10-yard pass play from Emilio Monsivais, junior quarterback, to Keyshawn Jones, junior wide-receiver with 5:21 to go in the third.

As well as a 2-yard rush from Coleman with 8:10 to go in the fourth.

This game gives the Builders a 5-2 conference recorded, dropping the Falcons to 2-6.

Next the Builders will get a bye week and prepare for the Ottawa Braves, come April 10.

The Braves are currently sit at 2-3.

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