By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

As the end of the school year approaches, the construction in Richardson Auditorium continues to move forward as planned as they will keep doing until finishing up in early October.

Dick Merriman, president, talked about how the progress keeps moving forward.

“Right now they are finishing up doing the ceiling and they have been talking to me about moving on the electrical parts of the auditorium,” said Merriman.

 On April 5, the Richardson Committee toured the construction with Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre. The tour gave committee members an idea of what is going on and visualize what to expect.

 “There is only so much one can understand by listening about something. Sometimes you just need to see it to completely grasp it,” said Moon. “There are just many pieces of this, like where the organ should go, and where the shelves should go, and a lot that needs to be seen by all of us working on this to make sure we have everything figured out before it’s time to put it all together.”

  Dr. David Gardner, associate professor of music, was stunned by how different the auditorium looks. “It’s really amazing to see all the work that has been done to even just the ceiling,” Gardner said. “With all the scaffolding up, it makes the place look really small, and you can really see how much work they are putting into each part of this process.”

 Merriman said that while there is a lot of work being done to the ceiling, there is also work being done to the new men’s and women’s restrooms. 

“They are doing a lot of work with the plumbing on both ends of the hall and I know that has been somewhat bothersome for the Financial Aid office and the Institute office, but I guess ‘no pain no gain’ for all of us affected,” Merriman said. “ In the end run, this will be a beautiful auditorium. This just happens to be a rough transition period.”        

Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at